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Americans have a love of food, but this love of food doesn’t necessarily  translate into a love of cooking. Many of our mothers were fantastic cooks, but they worked full time and in the rush to get dinner on the table by 7, they often relied on semi-prepared foods, like pre-marinated meats or curry mixes. From the perspective of many, cooking seemed like a drag, something that took time and effort in the midst of an already overcrowded schedule. To quote Krishnendu Ray, the chair of the food studies program at New York University: “Caregiving comes at a cost. Whenever there is a labor of love, there is also a labor of resentment.”

Many people want to sit down to a nice home-cooked dinner at the end of the day. But they’re far too busy and too inexperienced in the kitchen to make that happen. They eat out a lot, often going to local restaurants or take out venues on their way home from work, behavior fairly typical of their demographic. Millennials spend more on food outside the home than any other generation.

While Americans may feel nostalgic for the romance of the family According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, working women spend more than twice as long as working men cooking meals and cleaning up afterwards. Many don’t feel equipped to cook due to lack of time or skill.

What is lost when families are not involved in selecting the dishes they cook? For one thing, it means that they are not sharing food drawn from their own store of recipes, their heritage, or even regional specialties.

The Wall Street Journal recently stated the problem with solutions like Blue Apron and other boxed meal solutions.

“ There’s only one problem: Americans don’t want to cook and never really have. Despite the nostalgic halo around home cooking, we have always seen mealtime mostly as a hurdle to clear, not as a cherished tradition….”


 Instead of bringing ingredients to your location, Giggin’ brings chefs to you to cook the food of your choice at your time and location of choice. Event chefs provide single event demand food preparation for that special event or when you just don’t want to cook or don’t have time to cook. These chefs prepare the meal and clean up afterwards. If desired, you can request they provide a cooking class to teach you how to prepare a specific meal. This process saves your time that you can apply to more productive activities. Working with local food sources, the Event chef can provide fresh ingredients to enhance this social experience.

Giggin’ also brings Personal Chef’s to your kitchen to prepare multiple meals based on your unique health and dietary needs as assessed by a health and dietary analysis. In addition to saving time, the Personal Chef saves you money by eliminating food waste and using their experience to maximize food usage. As with the Event Chef, Personal Chef’s can make use of local food sources assuring the use of fresh ingredients.

Giggin’ also offers Personal Concierge butlers to perform other tasks that you can’t find the time to get to, such as running errands, providing travel assistance, providing waitserviceanddelivery,packingfortrips,petandhousesittinganddogwalking.

A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that spending money on time-saving services make you happier. The rule applies to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds except for “the poorest of the poor,” because it increased well-being and reduced the stress of not having enough time. Buying material items did not have the same effect.



The Giggin’ concept is described here.



This site is intended to help users better understand how to use our Giggin’ apps.  These apps have many features intended to allow customers and providers to connect in the ultimate time saving social experience.

The Giggin’ web and iPhone apps allow customers to select the services of Event Chefs, Personal Chef’s and Personal Concierge.  It allows customers to select their desired service along with the desired date, time and location. The web app is found here. The iPhone app can be found in the Apple app store by searching for Giggin.’

Giggin’ is seeking to sign up Chefs and Concierge as independent contractors that use our patent pending apps.  The BECOME A PROVIDER page explains how to become one of our providers. It also describes the roles and responsibilities of a provider.

The HOW IT WORKS page presents a one minute video that provides a high level view of the operation of the service.

The WHATS IN IT FOR ME? page provides a video of the advantages of using Giggin’ from a provider perspective.

The CUSTOMER USER GUIDE provides step by step instructions for the customer.  The PROVIDER USER GUIDE provides step by step instructions for the provider.  Both sections  have demonstrations videos.

The TIPS AND FEEDBACK section provides helpful hints to both providers and customers.  It also provides rationale as to why some features work the way they do.

The GO TO Gigginapp.com takes you to the Giggin’ home page where you can use the web app.

The PAYPAL Sign up pages provides a link for you to sign up with PayPal, our payment processing partner.


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