Provider User Guide (includes demo videos)

This page provides a user guide for providers.  In addition, near the bottom of the page is a link to a video that demonstrates the use of the iPhone app from a chef perspective.

Giggin’, a Class for the Mass app, facilitates Chef and Concierge services. In order to use the apps, a provider must first register. Registration can be made as a chef or butler (concierge providers). By registering the provider agrees with the terms of use of the applications. In addition, the provider must give permission for Class for the Mass to perform a background check. The background check may take up to several weeks to be performed by a third party. As part of the registration process, the provider must provide a valid form of identification, such as a drivers license, and a copy of their most recent resume, certification, liability insurance certificate, and Servsafe certificate for chefs. All of these will be considered as part of the review process. Once the review process is complete, the provider will be notified by email. If the registration is approved, the provider will be able to log in and upload a recent photograph that will be used by the system.

There are two types of chefs, Event Chefs and Personal Chefs. A chef can register separately or as both types of chefs. Event Chefs are intended to perform single events. Each request for service is for one specific date and time. Personal Chefs are intended to prepare multiple meals customized for a customer’s specific health and dietary needs if desired by the customer. Butlers can perform a host of concierge services as requested by the customer.

After their registration is approved, providers should log in and go to the my availability function and enter the dates and times they are available to perform services.   Event Chef’s can also enter photos and descriptions of recipes they specialize in, if desired. To enter recipes and photos, the Event Chef should go to My Profile then to My Recipes.    In the Chef Details, there is a link to a recipe website. Customers can go to that website and search for specific recipes and copy a link to a specific recipe and enter it in the What Do you want prepared field. Customers can fill out a Healthy and Dietary Questionnaire for Personal Chefs if desired.   All providers will be notified by email and text message when a customer selects them for service. Upon receipt of these notifications, the provider should go to his/her NOTIFICATIONS tab to see the request. They can review the information provided by the customer as well as see the customer’s rating and location. The provider can select or reject the request by the customer. If the provider accepts the assignment, the customer will receive an email or text notifying them of the acceptance by the specific provider. If the service is scheduled for the current calendar day, it will be listed in the CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS tab of the provider’s ASSIGNMENTS NUTSHELL tab. It will also be listed in the customer’s CURRENT SERVICES tab of their CURRENT SERVICES NUTSHELL. If the assignment is outside the current calendar day window, the assignment and service will be entered into the UPCOMING ASSIGNMENTs of the provider’s ASSIGNMENTS NUTSHELL, and the UPCOMING SERVICES of the customer’s SERVICES NUTSHELL. When the customer accepts the service agreement, it may be appropriate for the provider to call or text the customer in order to assure they are in agreement as to the details of the assignment.

Both the customer and the provider can CONFIRM or NO SHOW (indicating the party is canceling the service) the service prior to proceeding to the service. If a NO SHOW is indicated, by either party, the other party will be notified. If a NO SHOW is indicated by the butler, the customer will be asked to attempt to select another butler, or call an 800 number for further assistance.

If the customer indicates a NO SHOW within 24 hours of the scheduled service, the customer will be charged for one hour of service.   This is accomplished by creating a pending payment, that must be paid prior to allowing the customer to request service in the future. When the customer confirms, he/she must pay one hour of service in advance. When the customer and butler CONFIRMS service, they will each be given a unique pass word via email and text message, that will only be known to them.

At this point in the process the provider will see an icon that will allow them to see the route map to the customer’s location. To get specific turn by turn directions, the provider must activate the Google Maps app on his/her iPhone. On the day of the assignment the provider clicks on ON MY WAY, the customer will be notified the provider has left for the assignment and, if using an iPhone the customer will be able to GPS track the location of the provider via Google Maps.   After indicating ON MY WAY, the provider can photograph receipts for associated expenses with the amount and description of the expense.

 IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THESE EVENTS CAN BE HOURS OR DAYS APART, SO when determining where they are in the process, THE PROVIDER should always go to the assignments nutshell and CLICK ON THE CURRENT ASSIGNMENT, or upcoming assignments tab, and then the specific assignment, in order TO REFRESH WHERE THEY ARE IN THE PROCESS

When the provider arrives, the customer must click on the ARRIVED function. Both the customer and the provider must then indicate they have exchanged the pass code information. Once this is done, the service officially starts and the service time will be calculated from that point in time.  After the exchange of pass code information, the customer can approve or reject any receipts the provider has entered into the system.

When the service is complete, both the customer and the provider must click on ASSIGNMENT COMPLETE on their individual devices. When both have done this, the service is considered complete and the elapsed time from when the service started is used to calculate the payment. The customer will be asked to pay for service in excess of the minimum one hour of service. In addition the customer will be charged for any approved receipts plus a 10 percent service fee associated with the approved receipts.

Demonstration Videos

Videos describing the operation of Giggin from a Chef’s perspective are available using the iPhone and the Web App.

Videos describing the operation of Giggin from the Personal Concierge are available using the iPhone and Web App part 1 and part 2

Finally there is a video that shows the interaction between the customer and the chef using their individual devices.