Tips and Feedback

Provider paying for additional help

What if you need additional help in performing a service?  Can Giggin’ accommodate this?  The best way to accommodate this is to use the Giggin’ receipts capture process.  You should let your customer know that you will be billing him for costs over and above your individual hours.  Then, enter the agreed to expense in the system via the receipt capture process.  This will require that you have a photo of what you have agreed to pay your subcontract labor. Like all other receipts, this expense for extra labor, or whatever it is, will be in the system and require customer approval.  Once approved, you will be reimbursed for this expense plus the 10% service fee  through Giggin.’  It is then up to you to pay the amount to your subcontractor.

Let’s go through the process.

After you indicate ON THE WAY, you can enter receipts via the CAPTURE RECEIPTS function.

Provider capture receipt function

After tapping CAPTURE RECEIPTS,  you will see the following screen

Provider receipt with photo

You capture the receipt from your photos library or take a picture of the receipt.  Enter the amount and what it was for.  Then tap SAVE.

You will see the receipt photo, the amount, and what is for.  In this case, $.1 for additional contract labor.  The status is Pending, awaiting approval by the customer.

Provider pending receipt

After the customer has approved the receipt, you can return to the CAPTURE RECEIPTS function and view the approved receipt.

Provider approved receipt




Dealing with photo files greater than 1 megabytes.

The Giggin’ apps do not allow photo upload files that are greater than 1 megabyte.  When you run into this system, you can easily resolve it by using an app called Image Size.


Image Size photo

This free app,  which is available on both iPhone and Android devices,  allows you to retrieve photos from your photos  file and observe the file size.

You can then reduce the size of the photo by adjusting the resolution and save the reduced size photo back into your photos file.  You can then upload the reduced size photo into the Giggin apps.

This article describes a number of resizers for the Mac.

Finally, an app for resizing photos in windows is included below:

Image resizer for windows

Searching for recipes on the internet

So you have a hankering for steak and hash frees.  You know that you just want a sirloin steak medium.  But there are many ways the hash browns can be prepared and most of the recipes are available on the internet.  So you could go to a site like or and search for what appeals to you.  You could search on hash browns and you’ll get a list of all types of hash brown recipes.  You can browse them and determine exactly what you want.  So you just copy and paste the link into the “Enter the food items” field, when selecting your chef.


complete recipe menu

You might as well find a sirloin steak recipe.  And what about a dessert from a recipe site.

When the chef reviews this request, he/she can copy the links, review the recipes and decide if he/she can prepare it.  If needed, he/she can call you for any clarification.  In this way, you get exactly what you are looking for.